Hospital 4.0: Making the Smart Hospital a Reality

Charting a new era of Smart Hospitals and IoT-powered connectivity in Healthcare

Just a few years ago, the concept of smart hospitals and IoT connectivity sounded like science fiction. The past few years has seen an exponential increase in the capabilities of health technologies, heralding a different model of healthcare: Hospital 4.0. Leveraging on technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning, we can’t deny that medical environments and equipments are becoming increasingly connected. With these technologies becoming more prominent in the healthcare industry, it is set to form the bedrock of the smart hospital.


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Improving Operational Efficiency with IoT-powered RFID solutions

Optimising Operational Efficiency through Industrial IoT solutions

Operational Efficiency is a goal industrial companies strive towards. Businesses face operational challenges such as asset accountability, operational disruptions and safety issues on a daily basis. To minimise the costs of these issues, industrial companies have to find ways to make their operations more efficient. The advent of RFID technology has given businesses the opportunity to increase their operational productivity through accurate, real-time inventory visibility.


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Management of RTIs with RFID-Enabled Solutions

Moving towards a more efficient management of RTIs

Enterprises spend a lot of time, money and effort tracking RTIs using manual methods or barcode-based systems. Existing methods of tracking (manual & barcode-based tracking systems) have their own limitations, bringing about inefficient management of RTIs. However, the rise of cloud computing and the push towards RFID-enabled IoT solutions have presented companies with the opportunity to solve these problems. To gain a deeper understanding on the matter, we shall look at some of the primary issues surrounding the management of RTIs:


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