Internet of Things: 5 Areas Where It Has The Most Business Impact

IoT technology bringing business impact to operational and industrial processes 

The Internet of Things (IoT) is poised to have a big impact on how things can be designed and sold. Increasingly, there have been more companies that are looking at how IoT technology can be leveraged in their operations. From an article on Forbes, 5 areas are identified where IoT has the most impact within industrial companies. The 5 areas identified are production optimisation, supply chain management, asset tracking and management, financial decision making and customer experience.david-pl-615081-unsplash

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Re-defining operational processes in the Oil & Gas Industry in 2019

The characterisation of the Oil and Gas Industry through technology 

The advent of technological advances has allowed oil and companies to digitize their operations and make their proccesses more efficient. This has revolutionised the oil and gas industry, as new digital technologies are becoming increasingly intertwined with the oil and gas value chain.  With 2019 arriving in a couple of days, let’s look at how technological trends will further re-define the oil & gas industry in the coming year.


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Automotive Revolution: Disrupting the 2019 Landscape

Revolutionary trends set to disrupt the automotive landscape in 2019

The automotive revolution is in flux, and it is happening fast. From driverless cars to vehicle electrification, the automotive landscape is changing like never before with the proliferation of the Internet of Things (IoT) technology, enabling transformational change. As 2019 draws nearer, let’s look at some of the defining trends that are going to set the tone for the automotive revolution in the coming year.


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