The Healthcare Landscape of Tomorrow: Three Upcoming Trends

Prominent healthcare trends to look out for in 2019

The end of the year has always been the time to consolidate on the milestones achieved and anticipate the upcoming trends that will characterise the coming year. The healthcare industry has achieved many groundbreaking innovations and will continue to do so in 2019. To anticipate the trends for next year, we have took reference from a couple of expert predictions to paint the healthcare landscape of tomorrow.

Trend #1: Big Data systems

With the advent of big data, data analysis can also improve the efficiency within a healthcare organization. It creates new opportunities for health organizations in terms of extracting insights from these massive figures. In 2019, we foresee a high number of specialty-specific analytics solutions gaining  prominence among healthcare providers. According to Frost & Sullivan, the healthcare data analytics market will cross $68 billion by 2020.

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2019 Forecast for the Industrial IoT Industry

Experts predict for the Industrial IoT industry in the coming year and what trends to look out for

As 2018 comes to a close in a few weeks’ time, it is when the industry begins to plan for the coming year ahead and make predictions about the trends and market dynamics that will arise in 2019. To observe what will happen in the coming year, we have followed the Forbes article on their IoT predictions for 2019.

In the Forbes Article, Daniel Newman, Principal Analyst of Futurum Research and CEO of Broadsuite Media Group, covers a broad range of topics, bringing up 5 general predictions for the IoT industry in 2019. They are namely:  Overall IoT Growth Across the Board, Deeper Penetration in the Manufacturing and Healthcare Industries, Increased Security at End Points, Smart Common Areas in Cities Around the World, Increased Market Penetration of Connected Smart Cars.

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IoT: Empowering A New Era of Asset Management

RFID will play a key role in how Internet of Things (IoT) technology shapes enterprises approach asset management in the future.

As the Internet of Things (IoT) continues its rapid expansion, the technology will drive the next evolution of enterprise asset management (EAM) systems. According to Gartner, the IoT market will grow to more than 20 billion connected objects/things by 2020, and the market was already expected to be worth $2 trillion.  Business IoT spending represented 57 percent of overall IoT spending last year.


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Xerafy Featured on Beyond Clean Podcast

Featured guest, Moses Chang of Xerafy Healthcare, discusses RFID’s emerging role in surgical instrument tracking. Click here to listen to this Podcast interview hosted by Beyond Clean

Central sterile departments in healthcare facilities continue to struggle with efficiency and accuracy issues as they are under continued pressure to meet more stringent tracking requirements. Accurate sterilization data is critical to patient safety issues like secondary infection. RFID can improve these operations tremendously – that’s why Xerafy developed its own RFID-based surgical instrument tracking solutions.

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