RFID Standards Bring Visibility to Auto Supply Chain

There are a number of RFID-related standards in the automotive industry. The Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG) has its B-11 Tire & Wheel Label & RFID standard, for example. Odette International recently upgraded its B21/LR05 RFID item-level standard as well. In Germany, the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) released a number of application-specific RFID recommendations (VDA 5500) back in 2015, including VDA 5501 – RFID for container management in the supply chain; VDA 5509/5510 – RFID for tracking parts and components in the automotive industry; and VDA 5520 – RFID in vehicle distribution.

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RFID Poised to Transform Hospital Care

With real-time RFID data, hospitals can save time, labor, money and improve patient outcomes through better use of asset information. RFID technology used in hospital emergency departments not only helps track vital equipment and assets, but the collected data allows emergency department personnel to better understand how care was delivered. 

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