RFID Improves Field Operation Efficiency at Anadarko Petroleum

“If you can’t measure it, than you can’t manage it.” It is a familiar phrase in operations. That is why companies like Shell and Anadarko Petroleum are using RFID to identify and manage operations of thousands of valves. RFID metal tags are improving field operating efficiency in valve servicing and inspection to lengthen valve life and streamline DOT, EPA, and OSHA compliance.

Recently, Xerafy worked with partner’s Protech Sales, and idsTag to support valve maintenance and inspection operations for Anadarko Petroleum’s oil and natural gas production locations in Brighton, Colorado and Salt Creek, Wyoming. The top goal for using RFID-enabled valves was to understand failure rates and monitor process improvements over a 10-year period. Continue reading

FDA Tackles Medical Device ID

After nearly five years, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has finally issued its proposed rules for a Unique Device Identification (UDI) System for medical instruments.

The UDI requirement emerged from the FDA Amendments Act. That act requires that medical device manufacturers provide each item with a unique identifier in human-readable text and in some form of an automatic identification and data capture carrier such as a bar code or RFID tag. The FDA will provide a Global Unique Device Identification Database (GUDID) to generate UDI numbers and store item-level information about the devices.

While the auto ID technology used for the system will be at the discretion of individual manufacturers, the FDA has tested RFID to ensure it is safe to use in conjunction with medical devices (which can be sensitive to electromagnetic interference). Continue reading

Balluff, Redledge, Fairfield and Xerafy Partner Host Open RFID Forum

Industrial equipment giant Balluff, supported by Redledge, Fairfield and Xerafy, held an open forum last week to discuss RFID including the technology, solutions, collective experiences and options available.

The forum, which ran from July 3 to July 4 in Balluff’s Manchester, UK, offices, was hosted by Product Marketing Manager Jim Wallace and supported by Commercial Manager Bryan Hall, with Andy O’Donnell (Managing Director, Redledge), Mark Lynch (Managing Director, Fairfield), and David Read (European Sales Director, Xerafy).

The day focused on end-to-end RFID solutions including warehouse management systems (WMS), healthcare, automated scanning systems, asset tracking and management, production monitoring, compliance and maintenance scheduling, and quality, safety and risk management. Continue reading