Which Xerafy Tag Best Fits Your RFID Needs?

Xerafy offers a wide variety of rugged tags for an equally varied group of applications—in fact, the product line has gotten so diverse we’ve posted this handy product guide to help customers decide which tags best fit their RFID needs.

From a high-level view, each tag family addresses specific groups of use cases. Here’s a quick reference:

We’ve Got RFID Under Our Metal Skin
Metal Skin is Xerafy’s latest innovation, a revolutionary, one-of-a-kind flexible metal UHF EPC RFID label that performs on and off metal, and fits standard label converting processes for smart labels, ticket, stickers and cards. Because it’s flexible, it can be used for low-cost labeling of cylinders, drums, pipes, and other challenging items, as well as for product authentication, laptop tracking, and supply chain management. Continue reading

RFID for Risk Management and Safety Inspections in Oil and Gas

The oil and gas industry is now facing more challenges than ever as it attempts to safeguard against potential major environmental damage and its resulting economic ramifications. The main challenges currently being faced include:

  • Regulation compliance
  • Extreme environments
  • Identification issue
  • Wireless technology concerns

Companies need a simple and cost efficient way to manage and monitor their oil and gas equipment and to streamline the audit process with the ability to track inspection, repair and general maintenance and RFID has proven to be the solution they are looking for. Continue reading

Joint Webinar with Impinj and Xerafy on Metal Skin Proves Successful

We were blown away by the attendance for the webinar on the Metal Skin. There were over 600 registrants from several different countries and many more waiting to hear the recording. You can link to a copy of the presentation here: New RFID Developments Revolutionize Metal Asset Tracking.

The webinar lasted 30 minutes and was presented by Nikhil Deulkar, Monza Senior Product Line Manager, who provided an overview of the challenges in metal asset tagging and how the design of the Monza chip helped overcome some of those obstacles.

Evelyn Ong, 
Director of Sales at Xerafy, went into detail on the Metal Skin specifications and shared an iPad tracking case study and beer keg tracking application using the Metal Skin. Continue reading

Conducting RFID Site Surveys

Before launching a new RFID tracking project, a key step is to have the tag and reader vendors conduct an RFID site survey. This is particularly important for RFID deployments in extreme operating scenarios with harsh environmental conditions (exposure to moisture, chemicals, high or low temperatures), or if the RFID tags will be used on challenging assets (like metal).

Many end users are already familiar with the idea of a site survey if they have installed a wireless local area network (LAN). While in a site survey is meant to identify possible sources of interference and the best location for access points in a wireless LAN installation, in an RFID installation this survey not only provides guidance on RFID reader placement, but also helps users analyze and understand the categories of assets that need to be tagged, the environment in which they operate, and generate recommendations on the correct tags and attachment methods for each category. Continue reading