Guest Blog from Senior Product Line Marketing Manager at Impinj, Nikhil Deulkar

Here at Impinj, we are excited to see Xerafy delivering the innovative Metal Skin inlay powered by Impinj® Monza® 4QT tag chips. We tested sample Metal Skin inlays in our lab recently and saw up to 5 meters of range in both free air and on aluminum metal sheets. This is very impressive.

For some time now we have seen two mutually exclusive sets of RFID tag types:

  1. Tags that work well in metal-rich environments but can’t go through the standard label conversion processes due to their form factor (hard tags)
  2. Tags that have form factors designed for standard label conversion processes but perform poorly in metal-rich environments Continue reading

Evelyn Ong Joins Xerafy as Director of Sales

It’s been an exciting and eventful first quarter of 2012 at Xerafy. We launched the new high memory Pico XL, making tagging aviation components both efficient and cost effective, continued to work with integrators to advance the adoption of RFID technology in healthcare, and finally unveiled the groundbreaking Metal Skin series of flexible metal inlays.

To manage these new opportunities, Evelyn Ong has joined the company as Director of Sales. She will be responsible for Xerafy’s U.S. and European sales strategy, developing strategic partnerships and strengthening of customer relations. She will also oversee the company’s Metal Skin sales and converter partner strategy. Continue reading