2011 RFID in Defense and Security Conference

At the RFID in Defense and Security show held yesterday in Arlington, Virginia, I was impressed at just how pervasive RFID has become in the industry.

When the U.S. Department of Defense established the Item Unique Identification (IUID) program in 2004, it was a huge initiative. As much as I would hesitate to describe it as a “humble beginning” because of its reach and magnitude, it has since provided a level of supply chain visibility that any organization should be jealous of.

Beyond the establishment of perhaps the largest and most complex RFID-enabled supply chain systems, the Army is taking the technology to areas of food quality and safety (yes, combat rations have a shelf life too) with sensor-equipped RFID tags, and the Air Force is moving rapidly toward tagging critical assets both on the ground and in air. The DoD does not move at lightning speed, but once they have their mind made up, they move in a big way. What many of us in the private sector call “initiatives and implementations,” they call “missions and objectives.”

Martin Bjerre of RFID Global SolutionGiven what I learned today, I see a very bright future for rugged C1G2 UHF tags in the military. Xerafy’s partner, RFID Global Solution, showcased our newest product family additions, the Dash XS and Dot XS – the smallest durable passive UHF tags on the market today. During breaks between seminar sessions, we talked with attendees about how they could track tools for maintenance and repair operations and also how they could track critical components in electro-mechanical subsystems. Having the right tag is often the most critical component to success, especially in the types of demanding environments the military is presented with every day.

I suppose for today at least, I’ve had my allotment of acronyms. Thankfully, interpreters were not in short supply, and I’m looking forward to next year’s conference. Special thanks to Mark Roberti of RFID Journal for yet another informative and successful event.

ID World 2011 Review

Xerafy participated in the ID World International Congress in Milan last week, using the trade show to officially launch our XS tag series.  The XS series is the world’s smallest RFID tag for surgical instruments and tool tracking that has until now been impossible to tag. It was the second year that we have been a part of the show, which covers the entire spectrum of the auto ID industry, from smart card and near field communications to biometrics and RFID.

Our exhibition booth was auspiciously located next toour partner Impinj’s booth, allowing us to demonstrate the read distance of the XS tags attached to several sample surgical instruments and tools. We met many end users and European system integrators who are already working with RFID; they could not believe the small size and thin profile of the XS tags. And they were doublyimpressed by the superior read range when we tested the XS tags.

In addition to the exhibition, Xerafy’s CEO Dennis Khoo presented  at the ID World Conference, speaking at a session on wireless identification. Dennis covered trends in embedded RFID to improve asset tracking and identification for MRO, process control and the future of smart asset management. Other conference sessions covered biometrics, wireless sensing, smartcards, secure documents, and data collection.

It was great to return to Milan for our second ID World International Congressto catch up with our customers and European partners Sait, Eximia and iDTronic to name a few. When Xerafy exhibited in 2010 we only had two productlines on display; in just one year’s time, our product portfolio has grown to five distinct product lines for extreme RFID covering a wide variety of industrial applications. 

Xerafy releases the XS tag, the world’s smallest RFID metal tag

XS Series TagsAs seen at RFID Live 2011, Xerafy releases the XS Series of RFID tags for production.  The XS Series is the world’s smallest passive UHF EPC Class 1 Gen 2 RFID metal tag.  The breakthrough in size will open up the door for source tagging of small tools and surgical instruments that until now have been impossible to tag.  The truly revolutionary feat is that these ultra small and thin RFID tags still have unbelievable read distance performance.

Our engineering team worked hard in designing small and rugged RFID metal tags to bring to our customers the ultimate solution for tracking small tools and medical instruments.  The XS Series high performance RFID metal tags are designed to comply with FDA UDI requirements for Unique Device Identification initiative for medical devices to enable automatic tracking for improved productivity and reduced risks in foreign object debris (FOD), infection control, and product recalls. The tags are biocompatible to ensure safety in medical applications and have been tested to survive high heat in repeated autoclave cycles and industrial chemical washes that normally complicate the application of RFID devices.

The XS tags come in two form factors, the Dot XS and the Dash XS. The Dot XS is round and measures at 6 mm diameter by 2.5 mm thick with a read distance of 1.5 meters (5 ft). The Dash XS is 12 x 3 x 2.2 mm with a read distance of 2 meters (6.6 ft). The tags can be mounted directly on metal parts or embedded in the metal at the point of manufacture.

The tags are on display today at the ID World International Congress 2011 in Milan, Italy.  Find out more about the XS tags in our latest whitepaper “RFID Revolutionizing Healthcare with Smart Surgical Tools”.  Please contact a Xerafy sales representative at sales@xerafy.com to purchase XS tags in production quantities.